Puppy Raising

Puppy raising is a very rewarding experience and a wonderful contribution to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Requirements to become a Guide Dog for the Blind puppy raiser:

  • Raisers must live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas or Washington.
  • Potential raisers must have a home interview by a local representative.
  • All members of the household must be committed to raising puppy.
  • Raisers can be adults or youth at least 9 years of age.
  • The home in question must provide a safe and secure living environment for a puppy.
  • The puppy must sleep indoors.
  • As a puppy raiser, individuals must join a local puppy raising club and attend scheduled club meetings and outings.
  • Puppy raisers must be committed to providing exercise and socialization of their pup.
  • Puppy raisers are responsible for some expenses, including food and incidentals. Such expenses may be tax-deductible depending on state tax laws.
  • Puppy raisers must present positive representation of Guide Dogs for the Blind within their community.
  • For more information about Guide Dogs for the Blind, go online to www.guidedogs.com or call 1-800-295-4050