Vivian arrived on Dec 12 on a windy, rainy northwest kind of day. She and 4 others in her litter are in the Washington Territory. Born 9/12/10 makes her 13 weeks upon arrival, much older than normal. She is lively, howls like a wolf, and does like to cuddle. She is a 3/4 lab, 1/4 golden yellow female and is being raised by Tom and Deb. Vivian, now 4 months, has stopped barking and howling. She enjoys her outisde kennel and loves the snow, even though she is more interested in eating it.

Vivian passed her evaluation this week and is planning on being on the Dec 11 puppy truck back to Boring for her formal training. Let’s hope its not as windy and rainy as the day she arrived a year ago. Good luck to her in her training to be a working guide. Update on Vivian: May 22 Vivian was career changed due to her house behavior, filth eating and cat distraction. She now living in Sequim with Kelli and Clarissa