Paka arrived on March 4 and was born 12/17/11. She will be raised by Kelli and Clarissa in Sequim. Paka is a yellow female lab, very sweet and settling into her new home nicely. She will be going to work with her raisers each day and so far has been great and loves to watch the customers come in. Paka has come a long way with the help of her raiser Kelli. She has just finished her first in-season time and has really settled down. Her favorite show on TV is Wheel of Fortune! Funny girl. Paka was spayed in March and is off to Boring for her formal training April 21. Great job to her raisers and step-sister Vivian! Sad news for us all when Paka was career changed due to two cataracts! She has returned to her raisers for a new life as puppy mentor.