Nori arrived at the Fun Day celebration in Boring, OR and will be raised by Donna and her two children. Nori is 9 week old female golden retriever who was born on June 4, 2010.

 Nori is such a cute little girl but does have a bit of explorer in her. She walks on her leash well for her age and seems eager to please. Good job to Donna and the kids.

Nori is coming along and her leash work continues to improve. Donna is working hard to do the right things with her.

Nori has been an exceptionally large, strong and determined pup to raise for anyone. She has been career changed due to some unacceptable behavior issues and is being worked with in San Rafael in order to allow her to be adopted. Good news, Nori was adopted in the summer of 2011 and lives part time in Lake Tahoe and part time in the valley. Lucky dog!