A new yellow lab girl arrived Oct 22 and will be raised by Deb and Tom. She will be with another raiser until Nov 1 while we are away. Her litter was born on Aug 13, 2009. Two other litter mates arrived with her.

Dora learned many things in the 10 days she was with her first “Mom”, Becki, and was a tremendous help to us. Dora has started her in-town socialization with a trip to Safeway, Home Depot and to Five Acre School.

Dora has traveled to Lake Tahoe, CA this week to visit Grandma, see the snow and see the campus at San Rafael. Great traveler!

While her Mom and Dad were on vacation, Dora went to high school with Miranda, the fun sitter. She did well and managed to fit right in with Miranda’s family.

Dora has turned one year old and has a list of fun places she has visited including  two Mariner Baseball games, camping, a warm water therapy pool, and Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It has been determined she will not be a breeder. We’ll be off for more camping this fall and another trip to Seattle before she heads to school. We’ll keep you posted on her departure date.

Dora headed for Boring for training on Nov 12. She has been joined by Dobson, Dharma and Dax. Dora is in phase 5 as of Jan 20. Hoping she continues to progress through her formal training at “college”.

Dora finished her training, assigned to a class and then decided she didn’t want to be a guide dog! That little stinker! Career change due to extreme harness avoidance. She has found herself a wonderful family to live with and be a pet! She has two kittens to play with, although she isn’t quite sure about them yet and goes to work with her family. They live in Sequim, thus I am able to see her and sit her from time to time.