Gilla joined Joshua’s family on March 12, 2008. She is very sweet and very responsive to Joshua. She was born on 10/19/07. Joshua is doing well with Gilla. She’s loose in the house now, from time to time, and has learned to behave well. We’re pulling for her since she has a very nice temperment and nothing seems to phase her. Keep up the good work Joshua.

¬†Joshua has done a great job raising Gilla and we are sending her off to college on March 21. Congratulations to Joshua! We’ll be watching her progress in training.

Gilla was career changed shortly after arriving at the Boring OR campus due to a wrist/pastern issue that was going to limit her to low impact activities. The Mullins were able to place her with a close relative near Portland OR which will allow Joshua to continue raising for us and to see Gilla on family visits.