Desiree arrived on the Dec 11, 2011 puppy truck with her littermate Delilah. It was a bit cold that day but at least it wasn’t raining. She was born 9/24/11 and will be raised by Deb and Tom in Sequim. She is a yellow lab and at 12 weeks weighs 21 lbs. Very active and confident so far and learning about the cat and the family dog, Abbey. An update on sweet Desiree, she is now 13 months old and had her last evaluation before heading for formal training in Boring, OR. A bittersweet time but will be very proud that she made it to recall. Desiree is off to college on Dec 9. Desiree made it through her physical exam and is officially in training. Desiree has been career changed after many months BUT has been placed as a K-9 buddy to a 14 year old boy in San Jose, CA A perfect job for her as a companion for him. Congrats to Desiree!